“I have been sponsoring Haitian children and artists for many years and I have decided to create an association in November 2017 to enlarge my circle of volunteers, members/benefactors and beneficiaries as well as my geographical footprint. I hope you will join us.”

Nadine Kieffer - President


Development of projects already in progress

Help to school children. Financial support for poor illiterate families.

Plastic arts

promotion of works by Haitian and Sri Lankan painters and sculptors. Organization of several exhibitions in France, notably at the Council of Europe and in other European countries. Publication of an art book “the journey of a Haitian painter in Brittany” by the publisher Ouest France Edilarge.

Ernst Jean Pierre

Child Sponsoring

T.V.S. Menaka


 New projects

Sponsorship of children, co-sponsorship of a school, Organisation of exhibitions in Haiti/Sri Lanka & Europe

Promotion of performing arts


 breeding of Tilapia in a pond of 250m2, fair fishing exclusively by local fishermen


lanned development of permaculture in Vavunya, Northern Province Sri Lanka